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4.27.24 Private Workshop @ Studio 614
4.27.24 Private Workshop @ Studio 614
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4.27.24 Private Workshop @ Studio 614


The Sister Social x Studio614 Self Care Workshop!

  • Location: Studio 614 {2487 Summit Street, Columbus OH 43202}
      • Parking Info: There is a small shared parking lot around the back of the building which is first come first serve. There is also free street parking on all the surrounding streets (no meters or permitted zones). 
  • Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2024 
  • Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Approximate number of guests: 15-25
  • Painting or Project: Self Care Workshop (Custom Body Oil Spray, Clay Face Mask, Himalayan Salt Scrub)
  • Private Event Charge/Deposit: $100
  • Cost Per Guest: $30
Please keep in mind that no refunds are given for no-shows, and you may read about our refund/cancellation policy on our FAQ's page.
By paying the deposit you are agreeing to the above information for your event. 

Fees, Deposits, and Insurance 

  1. Payment is nonrefundable unless the Studio 614 must cancel due to an Act of God, such as a weather event that makes the property unusable. The balance of the rental fee is due within 30 days after the event.

  2. We ask that the building and grounds be left in the same condition you found them. The cost to repair or replace any damaged items caused by you or your guests or any special cleaning services required as a result of your use will be sent to you as a separate invoice after the event. 

  3. Children attending an event must be supervised at all times.

  4. Smoking is not permitted in the building. Ashtrays must be provided outside if your guests are going to smoke. 

  5. No fireworks, sparklers or any other open flames are allowed anywhere on the Studio 614 property. Gas grills are prohibited.

  6. Firearms of any kind are prohibited, regardless of conceal and carry licenses. 

  7. Function Control- Studio 614 reserves the right to terminate a function if we feel it is out of control or if those attending the event refuse to follow  policies. 
In the instance that the function is terminated, no refunds will be given.

  8. Free parking is available in the back parking lot or on the streets surrounding the property. A parking attendant may be required for events with more than 50 guests.

  9. Nothing may be nailed or affixed to the walls, fixtures, floors, and entrances (including exterior and interior) of the building. You may use masking tape only if you need to hang signs on the walls.

  10. All windows and doors must be kept closed if heat, air conditioning, or amplified music is on.

  11. No amplified music is permitted outside. Music inside the building in use should not be heard outside beyond the closest property line. Our building has residential neighbors. Please respect their privacy and property.

  12. Event Conclusion: Events must end within the designated time of the contract. No timeline extensions will be granted unless previously agreed upon, and if the event runs more than 30 minutes past the end time, an extra hour will be charged.

  13. Lost Articles left after an event may be held for one week and then discarded if unclaimed. Studio 614 is not responsible for any lost items during, before, or after this event.

  14. Trash. Please do not allow littering outside the front or back door. All trash must be cleaned up after the event and taken to the dumpster in parking lot.

  15. Alcohol- In the case that liquor is provided for your guests, we ask that you take responsibility of checking the drinking age limit of your guests. Studio 614 is not responsible for any alcohol-related accidents or injuries. Under-age drinking is strictly prohibited. Your event is private, and no alcohol will be provided by Studio 614. The selling of alcoholic beverages or food is prohibited. 

  16. You are responsible for being sure that your caterer and other vendors helping with your event are familiar with these regulations, as well as set-up time allowance. 

  17. Remaining balance and fees are subject to change based on the above. 

  18. Please review the indemnification language below. By making the payment for this private class, you are accepting this contract and the below indemnification.

    I agree that I have read and understand the terms of this Building Rental Contract and agree to adhere to these requirements of the Studio 614, as a condition of my rental. I also agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Studio 614 from and against all claims, actions, or causes of action, liabilities, including attorneys’ fees, and costs arising from the defense of any claim arising out of or resulting from the rental of the Studio 614 building as described in this contract, except in instances where the Studio 614’s gross negligence is determined to be the principal or sole cause of the loss.