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Deposit for Heritage Golf Club Events, 2021
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Deposit for Heritage Golf Club Events, 2021


Heritage Golf Club Events: Deposit for June 17th, July 29th, and August 19th, 2021

All events have a participant minimum of 10 people. 

The deposit is $300 total, $100 per event. This cost also acts as the travel fee for each event. Therefor, the remainder owed is only the cost per person, and will be owed on the date of each event. 

June 17th — Paint your Pet’s Portrait Class — $60 per person


This is a 3-hour “Paint Your Pet’s Portrait” class for beginners at Heritage Golf Club with Studio 614, and your pets will already be sketched out on all canvases! No experience is necessary, and all supplies are included with artist instruction & sketch.
Once you register, please e-mail a photo of your pet to _________, so that we can submit it to Studio 614 to pre-sketch the canvas before class.  Please be sure that the photo is clear with proper lighting. Only one pet per canvas. It could be a photo of any size- Instagram square, portrait, landscape, circle, etc.  They may zoom-in when sketching it, and the canvases are 16”x20” large.


July 29th— Custom Concrete Coaster Workshop — $35 per person


“A 2-hour 'Custom Coaster' Workshop at Heritage Golf Club with Studio 614! All supplies will be included for you to create your own custom coasters. Pour these standard-sized, high quality (set of 4) coasters for any coffee table. Then, paint them any designs you'd like using our acrylic paints, and finally seal it with our concrete sealant to make them extra durable."


August 19th— Buckeye Nation Canvas Painting Class — $35 per person


This is a 2-hour canvas painting class for beginners at Heritage Golf Club with Studio 614. All supplies are included with artist instruction and pre-sketched canvas. The canvases are 16”x20” large, and guests are welcome to paint any stadium logo on the field, but the Buckeyes Block O is encouraged!